Illinois Soil Testing Association
Precision Agriculture

Improve Your Aim

Soil type, pH level and nutrients available can vary from acre to acre in your fields.  ISTA
member laboratories will give you the tools and techniques to reduce the problems
associated with over or under-fertilization.

Your local ISTA laboratory can assist you in using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)
technology for soil testing and fertilizer application.  Farmers using site-specific GPS
management often see fertilizer cost savings of $3 to $5 per acre and additional savings
from reduced application expenses.

Under-fertilization costs you in lost yield.  However, over-fertilization increases your costs
and can cause a host of environmental problems as well.  

The essence of farming and horticulture involves not only efficient production, but also
involves good stewardship of the soil.  The accuracy you receive from your ISTA member
laboratory not only improves the effectiveness of your fertilization program – it helps
improve the environment.